Automated Spray Tan

Our VersaSpa Pro spray tan booths offer natural-looking results that complement your skin tone in just one visit. Results last up to a week, and each session offers voice automated instructions & takes less than 10 minutes. Customize your experience with a clear developing bronze, or an instant cosmetic bronzing solution. You'll be dry before you leave the booth.

Natural-looking Color

Select your skin-tone complementing shade in a clear solution (develops over 3-5 hours) or cosmetic bronzing solution that gives you instant color.

No Streaks or Lines

Premium spray experiences offer even, full-body coverage. pH balancers added to your session help ensure more even color.

No Odor & No Orange

Solutions are formulated with breakthrough odor control technology & orange undertone counter-acting ingredients.

Automated Experience

Voice automated booths provide easy, step-by-step instructions to help you feel confident that you’re receiving the best bronze each & every time.

Advanced Ingredients

Formulated with 100% eco-certified DHA & Erythrulose, each solution is 100% gluten free, 100% paraben free, non-comedogenic.

Significant color develops over 4-6 hours

5-10 minute sessions | start at $30 per session

Recommended usage of 1-2x per week

100% uv free Spray Tan Eco-Certified DHA

Eco-Certified Erythrulose 100% gluten free & paraben free