Dry Sauna

Enjoy a soothing Dry Sauna escape that offers a full spectrum of Infrared Light clinically shown to: penetrate soft tissue to soothe aches & chronic pain even after sessions, increase flexibility & range of motion, boost immunity, & stimulate circulation.

Soothe Aches & Chronic Pain

Decreases sensitivity of nerve pathways & decreases levels of pain mediators.

Increase Flexibility, Range of Motion

Warms the muscles similar to light exercise through deep penetrating heat.

Boost Immunity

Increases production of antibodies which help the body fight viruses, infections, & allergies.

Stimulate Circulation, Speed Healing

Stimulates increased blood vessel dilation, increases proteins, peptides, & blood flow, which promote wound healing.

Customizable Settings

Select one of seven preset programs for a unique Infrared experience each & every time.

Talk to your Dr about how Infrared can help lower high blood pressure

30-60 minute sessions | starts at $55 per session (ask about lower rates on multiple sessions)

Recommended usage of 3-4x per week

Research & Published Studies

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