Inside Bellevue's New Seattle Sun Light Spa

Author: Kim Holcomb

Published: 7:44 PM PST November 28, 2017

Seattle Sun Light Spa has an array of services using infrared and LED lights.

"There’s zero light outside and it's raining, but you can pop in here and get warm," said Ashley Brazwell, Director of Stores.

The spa's wellness pods use heat and infrared light to help clients relax, de-stress, and relieve pain.

For those who don't like enclosed spaces, there's the infrared sauna – a dry sauna, allowing people to bring electronics in with them.

Light therapy has also been shown to benefit skin. The red photofacial can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and the blue LED treatment is designed to kill acne-causing bacteria.

Massage chairs are included in most treatments.

Jane Powers became a regular customer after noticing a change in her chronic pain from scoliosis.

"Honestly, I've been here on average every other day,” she said. "You get to just escape from everything and I feel like a new person. I feel like I came back from the clouds, and it's just a new chance to start my day on the right foot."

The light therapy at Seattle Sun Light Spa does not address clinically-diagnosed seasonal affective disorder. But for customers in search of a warm break from Pacific Northwest rain and chill, it may be just the thing.

"It's great to escape the Seattle gloom, for sure,” Brazwell said.

Prices for the wellness pods, photofacials, and infrared sauna start at $55.

Seattle Sun Light Spa is located at 10708 Main St. in Bellevue and is open seven days a week.