A Retreat From The Grey With Seattle Sun Light Spa

Seattle Sun Light Spa offers a variety of light-based therapy services, including airbrushingLED teeth whitening, an infrared pod, and anti-aging services including photofacials and body therapy.
These are all offered in addition to the popular 100% UV-free tanning services that are so popular with locals (we have to get that NW glow somehow, don’t we?).

And as someone who has been putting a lot more effort into my skincare routine, I am all about the facials!

The FDA-Cleared Red and Blue Light Photofacials that Seattle Sun Light Spa offers are amazing — they work to reduce wrinkles and even skin tone, all via light.

I also love the benefits of their dry infrared sauna service. Infrared saunas are a great way to reduce inflammation, rid the body of toxins, and help target chronic pain. And a sauna session also provides the perfect excuse to just relax without your phone and read a good book.