Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom

The holiday season is quickly approaching! So, it is the perfect time to begin developing your holiday gift list and budget. Who better to put at the top of your list than your mom? She deserves a uniquely personal gift that will make her feel cherished and appreciated.

Check out our list of creative gift ideas your mom will love.

  • Spa package: Treat your mother to a relaxing and rejuvenating experience at Seattle Sun Light Spa. Services include LED Red Light Anti-Aging Photofacials, LED Blue Light Anti-Acne PhotofacialsAnti-Aging Red Light Body Therapy, Infrared Wellness Pods, and Infrared Sauna.

  • Travel survival kit: If your mother is a regular traveler, this is a wonderfully considerate gift she will appreciate. Simply find a bag that caters to her design style, then fill it with travel essentials you know she can't do without on her travels.

  • New cooking essentials: Is your mother known for her amazing secret recipes? If she shines bright in the kitchen, she will surely appreciate a few updated cooking essentials. Consider a sturdy new cutting board, an advanced kitchen mixer or food processor, or an all-organic set of spices and herbs.

  • Jewelry: You can’t go wrong with thoughtful jewelry that speaks to your mother's fashion aesthetic. Whether it be a ring, necklace, bracelet or set of earrings she will be pleased to expand her collection.

  • Concert or show tickets: The holiday season is chock-filled with amazing live shows and concerts. Browse the local venue and theater calendars to find an event you know your mom will be thrilled to attend.

  • Phone-app photo album: If you’re an avid family-affair photographer, you most definitely have lovely captures of your mother and everyone she loves. Give her the gift of moments in time using a simple photo album phone app that will send your personal album straight to order.

  • New technology: Techie moms in the world pride themselves in keeping up with the most innovative technology. Good gifts include wireless headphones, an Amazon Echo or the Kindle e-reader, which allows her to easily transport her digital library.

  • Chill-mode kit: Give your mother the gift of comfort with a relaxation-themed collection of all things cozy. Consider including fluffy slippers, a soft or silky robe, warm fleece throws and soft feather pillows.

  • Beauty care basket: Many mothers would appreciate an assemblage of top-quality health, beauty and skin care products. Keep her favorite scents and personal needs in mind as you explore our extensive skincare selection by Skin Authority.

There are so many great ways to show your mother you care this holiday season. We look forward to providing your mom an amazing spa day experience at Seattle Sun Light Spa. You can purchase your mom’s spa package gift today at Seattle Sun Light Spa in Bellevue.