A Letter From The CEO

The very first Seattle Sun store was in Bellevue on Main Street and I'm thrilled to announce our expansion in that same location.

We’ve re-opened with an incredible suite of innovative, non-invasive, cosmetic-improvement services in addition to the spray tan, custom airbrushing, and sunbed services you already know and love.

Because our re-opening is more than just a coat of paint, I'm excited to share the new name for the Bellevue location is the Seattle Sun Light Spa.  When I started this company 13 years ago I made a firm commitment to innovate, provide exceptional service, and deliver the highest quality products and services that help all our customers look and feel their best.

We've been growing our service-offerings in all our 35-stores as part of that commitment, and this marks an amazing evolution in our journey that you've made possible.

As part of the expansion, I’m excited to introduce you to a variety of safe & clinically validated skin & body services.

·         LED Red Light Photofacials to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, redness, & hyperpigmentation

·         LED Blue Light Photofacials to help teenagers & adults reduce existing acne & future breakouts by killing bacteria

·         LED body contouring with clinically proven results

·         Full Body Red Light Therapy & massage system for all-over-body treatments

·         Infrared Body Therapy: reduces body pain even after treatments, improves flexibility, opens pores to release impurities, boosts immunity, & tracks calorie burn

·         LED-activated teeth whitening

·         Skin Authority: breakthrough skin care products that help improve skin quality

·         Get Salted: premium relaxation products

Our other 34 Seattle Sun Tan stores will keep the same name you know, but we'll also continue to selectively roll-out innovative services and products like I mentioned above.

Thank you for helping us grow our business and for providing feedback that's helped us make this decision.



Scott Swerland