Tired of whitestrips every night? Try one session of LED Teeth Whitening

I crave white teeth, so when a friend told me that there is some kind of LED blue light whitening service offered at Seattle Sun Light Spa I was willing to try anything.

If you didn't already know, Seattle Sun Light Spa is the reincarnated version of Seattle Sun Tan. They've been leaning heavily into the "LED light" phenomenon (you may remember the LED light facial we tried out there a couple months ago), so it wasn't a total shock to us that they were trying their hand at teeth whitening too.

"It fit right in," said marketing director Erin Laroya-Sax. "It's professional strength, but they don’t use hydrogen peroxide, it’s carbamide peroxide - so it's gentle enough to do without a dentist’s supervision."

NO DENTIST? Tell me more.

Each appointment costs $129, and takes around 45 minutes - during which you have two sessions. The first is a whitening session, and the second is a Blueminerals session.

Whitening Session
Using the Bleach Bright product, you sit in the chair with, essentially, a mouthguard full of whitening gel for 15-20 minutes with a blue LED light aimed at your mouth.