Scott Swerland, the CEO of Seattle Sun Tan originally launched the retail brand in 2004 with a passion for bringing innovative tanning solutions to market to help clients look and feel their best.  As service-types, technology, and consumer needs have expanded -- so have we.

At the Seattle Sun Light Spa, we are dedicated to enhancing the radiance and self-confidence of each guest. We're a non-invasive cosmetic improvement and spa partner committed to providing advanced, effective, and efficient services and products for all ages, stages, genders, skin, and body types. 

  • We offer relaxing, high-quality experiences that deliver results
  • We enthusiastically provide premium cosmetic maintenance services, spa solutions, and advanced products
  • We carefully select trustworthy and conscientious employees, partners, and brands who share our values
  • We rigorously train and educate every employee to provide sincere customer service, understand the benefits of our services, and respect the unique needs of each guest
  • We celebrate our successes, work to improve our imperfections, and continually share ways we can all do better
  • We deliver a fair price that balances value for our guests, profit, and investments in the experience
  • We look outside ourselves and our industry to continuously learn
  • We embrace and pursue innovation in the best interest of our guests, partners, and employees
  • We are grateful to give back to the communities we’re fortunate enough to serve